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PERFECT ACOUSTICS is a leading firm in acoustics, noise control and vibration control in the MENA region. We have all acoustics products for commercial, Educational, Industrial, Home Theatre, Environmental, Office Spaces, Health Care, House of worship, Recording Studios and other residential applications. it is utilising the most advanced equipment and staff’s having experience in the field to resolve complex noise control problems.

Acoustics in office

Soundproofing installations can be found in many public and private sector environments, including offices. These often need to have some type of sound barrier installed for privacy purposes while providing the best possible work environment with acoustic comfort. Sound-absorbing materials such as acoustical panels are common solutions for ceilings or partitions that allow sounds from one side to pass through but dampen those on the other side by trapping all reverberations within an enclosed space. Acoustic partitions help provide a more comfortable working experience without sacrificing functionality and accessibility throughout your office spaces or home office space.

Acoustics in cinema

The successful design of any size theatre requires acoustic expertise in several areas, including mechanical noise control, interior acoustics and geometry, and the design and specification of AV equipment.

Great sound quality is critical to the enjoyment of movies and TV shows. Our home theatre panels eliminate any “echoes” or background noises, so you can enjoy your favourite media in comfort without distractions. Put yourself on screen with this innovative product that will enhance family time as well!

Industrial Acoustics

Industrial Acoustics is the discipline that tries to mitigate the effects of noise in the development of industrial activity. They are working to find the source of this noise because it has been discovered that the excessive volume of these noises can be harmful to one’s health. Acoustic baffles, cabins, acoustic enclosures for generators, acoustic doors and barriers, etc., are all these elements used by industrial acoustics to reduce the harmful effects of noise and vibration.

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acoustic Fabric Wall panels
Acoustic wood wool panels
Acoustic isolation windows
acoustic dry - wall partition
acoustic ceiling buffles
Acoustic floating floor
acoustic foam panels
metal noise barrier
inertia bases
acoustic door
acoustic ceiling tiles
Polyester felt acoustic
pipe acoustic lagging
sound testing
acoustic curtain
acoustic vinyl
acoustic louvers
underlay roll mat
acoustic wooden panels
sound attenuator


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